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The Library Media Center performs a vital role by providing today's students with the means to be the educated citizens of tomorrow. The program encourages students to become informed decision makers and information seekers for their own interests and purposes, while fostering aesthetic appreciation of literature. The Library Media Center enhances the school's educational program by providing a wide variety of curriculum support material.


The goals of the Library Media Center are to:

1. Help students make satisfying choices of media for information and entertainment.

2. Provide students with an awareness of the information available, the skills to locate materials, and the

ability to evaluate, select, and interpret this material through a sequential program of instruction.

3. Encourage a positive attitude towards learning and provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and


4. Ensure that each teacher has access to materials to attain the goals of an ever-changing instructional


5. Share responsibility and planning with colleagues in developing a variety of teaching techniques and

strategies to ensure that the program of skill development and the reading experiences are integrated

with all curriculum areas.

6. Ensure that students are able to use libraries independently for both informational and literary needs.