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Dear WAS Families,

I hope that this letter finds you and your families still planning to enjoy all that summer has left to offer, the chance to soak up the sunshine and the chance to create your own sunshine too! It is with great excitement that I write to you this summer to introduce myself as your new principal and welcome you to a new school year at Woodside Avenue School. I could not be more proud to join this school community and am looking forward to getting to know each and every fabulous Woodside student and working with their dedicated families while teaming with the talented teachers and staff who work tirelessly to make Woodside the incredible place that it is.
As I write to you for the first time, I know that I am addressing a community of families that might have already gotten to know me as the District’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction, but are hoping to learn more about me as their child’s principal. I know that we will have plenty of time to get to know each other as we partner this school year, but I thought that it might be helpful to provide you with a bit of information about me before then. The most important thing you should know about me is that teaching and learning are at the heart of everything that I do. As a teacher in the District, I have learned that there is nothing more rewarding than supporting children as they learn to navigate their world. Teaching children to ask questions, guiding them towards building problem solving skills, and reveling in the moments where they create their own understanding are the most rewarding experiences an educator could imagine. As the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, I have had the experience of working with our team to ensure that our curriculum supports each of our learners and that high quality instruction is the standard in our classrooms. I look forward to continuing to support our staff in providing an unparalleled educational experience for your children.
As your children will not have had the experience of getting to know me very well in my role as an administrator in the District, I will be spending the first few weeks of school learning all about them and letting them learn all about me. I will be sure to tell them things such as my favorite color (purple) and my favorite food (spaghetti). I will also tell them that I love to cook, but hate to clean up and that I can’t dance if my life depended on it, but love to watch Dancing with the Stars! In order to learn all that I can about your children, I will be visiting them in their classrooms to play a game and deliver them a letter from me. In this letter to your child, I will introduce myself and ask that they take a minute to complete a brief activity that will help me get to know them.
With three sun-filled weeks still left to summer, it is my hope that you will enjoy the remaining time with family and friends and begin to think about the new school year when it works for you! The District’s electronic mailing and the PTA Back To School Packet provide you with a wonderful opportunity to get ready for the school year at your own pace. Setting up your child for a successful school year is one of the most important things we can do together. The entire WAS staff is busy getting ready to welcome students back on our first day of school, Tuesday, September 8th 2015.
Please make careful note of our opening day drop off and dismissal procedures, which are described below:
Opening Day Student Drop Off Procedures for K-5 Students
The first day of school is an exciting one for both parents and students, and many parents drive or walk their children to school on the first day. To ensure that our opening day drop off is smooth and safe, we will be using the following procedure. This is a one-day only procedure and applies only to parents who drive or walk their children. Bus students will follow the usual entry procedures. Parents may also use the car line drop off method on the first day.
Following the first day of school, parents should follow normal drop off procedures that will be shared closer to the start of school and posted on our website.
Parents of K-2 students may bring your children into the Gym, where you can escort them to the area with their teacher's name.
Parents of 3-5 students may bring your children into the Multipurpose Room (MPR) where you can escort them to the area with their teacher's name.
You may wait with your child until the 8:50 A.M. bell. The teachers will join the children at 8:45 A.M. At 8:50 A.M. the teachers will bring the students to their classes. To ensure the safety of all of our children, parents may not escort their child to his/her classroom.
Start Time
Please note that the first bell rings at 8:45 A.M. This is our “open for business” bell and the one around which you want to arrange your schedule. Please plan to drop your child at school between 8:35 A.M. and 8:45 A.M. This will ensure that your child is ready to enter the building when the first bell rings and is seated in his/her classroom and ready to start the day when the late bell rings. Any student who enters the building after 8:50 A.M. will be marked late. Please do not drop your child off before 8:35 A.M., as we do not have any supervision in place until that time.
Dismissal Procedures
We will continue our previous dismissal procedure. This procedure creates a very efficient and safe dismissal. A thorough description of the dismissal procedure process is available on the school website and will be sent to you in a separate blast. New families will receive pink car signs on the first day of school. If you are not a new family, but require another copy of any of the signage for your vehicle(s), please contact the office.
Please return the Daily Dismissal Schedule on the first day of school. If it is not returned, you will have to park in the lot and pick up your child at the main office. This document will be attached to a separate blast titled WAS Arrival and Dismissal Procedures and is also available on our website under "About Our School".
Final Notes
Your child’s class placement will be available through Genesis for this school year on Tuesday, September 1st.
Please mark your calendars for WAS’s Back-To-School Night on Wednesday, September 30th at 7:00 P.M.
I hope you thoroughly enjoy soaking up the sunshine for the remainder of this summer and look forward to creating some of our own sunshine each day when the new school year begins.
Ann Jameson